And.... inspired by Oetzi's resurrection: Whatever happened to the bow?
Didn't Oetzi allegedly die because his bowstring had torn?

And by the way, it appears that even the longest and sharpest of arrows will not reach its target without drawing the bow or much less without the hunter - aiming at a distant target with his whole concentrated being.

Do the paved streets of modern cities conserve our collectively subconscious needs of the hunter-gatherers of the Stone Age?

The significance of the arrow is not understood in the parking space.

Only when constantly on the go will experiences accumulate, will the lack of experience culminate into a traffic jam. The Robin Hood of the by-pass road recommends the hunter and bow as an alternative vacation destination.

How then, are experiences processed?

A mileage indicator and driver's logbook as the border condition of perceptions in the midst of hunting prey.

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