Videoprint Elke Suhr
Elke Suhr: DIRECT
Lecture and presentation, 1995

They lie about as though theyŐd been shot off but never reached their target. Or as just before the hunt, when everything is ready to go, or as ifÉ occasionally lost. Usually they donŐt come towards me but guide my view into the distance. They are visualized thought directing oneŐs attention straight ahead, left, right or simultaneously straight ahead and turning. As such, they seem to disseminate their own trace of action without loss of accuracy.

Their points are neither made of copper, nor iron or steel. Questions about their material consistency will not come up even during rapid acceleration. The driver simply glides over them as a hunting offender, victim and projectile all at once

Everyone is closest to his own cushioned armor, and at the stoplight only the load capacity of the ground below is of any interest.

Only when arrived at the parking lot does the hypertrophic, gluey, stenciled spray painting turn into a compressed color package, mute in all directions, utterly silent and entirely itself as in death.